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What is Everything Estate Sales?

Everything Estate Sales is an online subscription based service that brings together the best tools for estate sale companies of all sizes; we provide a web-based application that is easy to use and offers the tools that estate sale professionals need to successfully run their day-to-day operations. Listing your estate sale on the internet is only one of our services, we provide fully developed websites for every estate sale company that signs up with us, we offer the most complete multi-user estate sale virtual office to manage your sales and your team; we also offer a fully functional contact manager, email blasts, email auto responders, detailed reports, detailed control of each one of your estate sales, access to our private estate sale forum and much more! Sign up is FREE, so sign up today!

What are the benefits?

When you create your estate sales through your estate sale virtual office, you can upload up to 15 photos with a BASIC Free account or unlimited photos with the PRO account (free for 7 days), categorize each item and enter descriptions; visitors to your website and to can search estate sales by category of items and filter the results using keywords.

For example, if a visitor to your website or to is interested in handbags, the person can select the "Fashion" category and the website will display all items under such category; furthermore, if the visitor types the words "handbag" the website will filter the results and display items with such description. This feature is unique to and allows potential buyers to find what they are looking for much easier which translates in more interest in your estate sale and more business to you!

Tired of making common mistakes when filling out contracts? With your estate sale virtual office, simply fill out the boxes on your virtual office and it will auto populate the information in your own contracts or the ones provided with your PRO-Account. With your estate sales virtual office you can eliminate errors, simplify paperwork and focus on the main aspects of each sale!

There are much more benefits when you use, click here to find out more!

How much does it cost per month?

If you are a company, your BASIC ACCOUNT IS ALWAYS FREE! and your account allows you to list one sale per month with limited pictures and offers most of the benefits of paid accounts except for functions like blast emails and automatic emails; the monthly fee for a Company PRO-Account is only $14.95 after a 30-day no-credit-card trial and provides all the functions and benefits offered by Everything Estate Sales.

How much does it cost per estate sale?

With a PRO Company account you can create, manage and advertise unlimited estate sales with unlimited photos for only $14.95 per month; a BASIC account allows you to list one estate sale per month for free. Click here to open your account today!

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with VISA, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. Please contact us if you need to pay with a company check or click here to sign up for free!

How many photos can I upload per item?

Whether you have a company or a personal account, you can upload unlimited photos per estate sale and per item; you can also categorize your items to make it easier for potential buyers to find your estate sale by caterogry of interest.

Can I specify the prices of the items?

Yes! You can specify the price of every item and through your virtual office you can select which items should display/hide the price in your online listing. It has been demonstrated that displaying prices attracts more buyers to your estate sale.

Can I generate an Inventory Report and a Report of Items Sold for my clients?

Yes! You can easily mark which items were sold and generate a complete inventory and sales report for your estate sale client. Through your virtual office you can also specify if you are charging a fee for the inventory and sales report!

Can buyers search items by category?

Yes! This is one of the key features of your virtual office and online listing, potential buyers can easily filter items by category and keywords which makes it much easier for them to find your sale!

Can I have multiple users under my company account?

Yes! You can have up to 5 users under your own company account, you can specify which users can create, modify or delete estate sales, each user can maintain your own list of contacts, send emails and much more. is a truly complete virtual office designed and developed for your business!

Do you need more users? Contact us, we can add more users to your account upon request.

Can I specify the major cross roads without displaying the real address so my buyers get an idea of where the sale will take place?

Yes! Hiding the physical address of your sale until a certain day before it takes place is important, but letting potential buyers know the major cross streets ahead of time is key to attracting more potential buyers. Your virtual office allows you to display the major cross roads to give potentials buyers the ability to find sales near them days before the sale. Your office also allows you to provide detailed driving instructions that are automatically displayed the day in which the complete address is displayed.

Do you offer a contact manager?

Yes!, your virtual office offers a complete contact manager and an email blast system that you can manage, you can send group emails to all or part of the contacts in your contact list by selecting the email criteria. Since your virtual office is multi-user, each user can also maintain his/her individual list of contacts.

Can I send email blasts and auto responders to my contacts?

Yes! your web-based estate sale office allows you to send emails to multiple contacts in your database. Emails will be sent out from and the replies will go to your actual, or any email address you specify. Your do not need to pay additional fees to send group emails.

Can I save my client's information with each of my estate sales?

Yes! your online estate sale office allows you to keep complete records of your client's information and this information is 100% secure and it is not display anywhere in your online estate sale listing.

In which state will my estate sale be listed?

Estate sales listed using a BASIC-Account will be listed at city level and can be searched by proximity using ZIP/Postal code with a range of up to 500 miles; sales listed using a PRO-Account are listed statewide and can be listed nationwide for an extra fee.

Can my sale be listed in multiple states or nationwide?

If you have a PRO-Account you have the opportunity to boost your listing for a small fee; check your virtual office for more information.

How soon after I save a new estate sale will it be listed?

Immediately! when you create an estate sale, or when you add, modify or delete items through your virtual office, changes are displayed immediately in your website and the main website. No need to wait for approvals or reviews.

Can I sign up today?

YES, do your company a BIG favor and sign up for FREE today! Discover the many benefits of having a truly professional estate sale virtual office designed for you, get a website for your company and increase internet exposure, link your new website to your social media sites and list your sales in the trendier estate sales website available today!

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